1. Can checkout be done in another currency rather than JPY?

Unfortunately, due to the platform limitation, online checkouts can only be performed in JPY. If customers wish to make their purchase in another currency, arrangements can be made offline by contacting kevin@vivogolf.com.


2.How do customers get assurance that Vivo Golf deals with genuine products?

All products purchased from Vivo Golf are delivered directly from Vivo Golf Studio in Osaka, Japan to the customer. Vivo Golf Studio is part of exclusive distribution networks of the manufacturers. This can be verified via the manufacturers websites which usually indicates the list of shops retailing their products (e.g. For Ryoma www.ryomagolf.co.jp/shoplist6#tab1 Vivo is listed as one of the shops).


3. What are the advantages of purchasing from Vivo Golf vs other e-commerce stores?

- We operate a real, physical shop front in Japan. If possible, our customers may wish to visit our store in Osaka where they can try the hundreds of demo clubs available plus arrange a fitting session with our craftsman

- Customers can verify the authenticity of Vivo Golf products as all equipment are purchased directly from manufacturers in Japan and delivered to our customers from Vivo Golf Japan. Where available, product guarantee documentation is provided to prove authenticity.

- We provide consultation with regards to product specifications. Please write to kevin@vivogolf.com for any inquiries.


4. What are Vivo Golf refund policies?

After an order is confirmed (i.e. payment received from customer), the purchase is processed by Vivo Golf. If Vivo Golf has confirmed the order to the manufacturer, a refund is not possible. However, if the order has not been processed (i.e. Vivo Golf has not placed the order with the manufacturer), a change in the order may be possible.

Due to the limited supply of premium products, a normal lead time of 5-10 business days may be required for delivery. If a specific order takes longer than the normal lead time to deliver, we will inform the customer immediately. If the waiting time is not acceptable to our customer, a no questions asked refund will be made in full.


5. How to proceed if products / specs of a particular product cannot be found?

Please contact kevin@vivogolf.com if you are unable to locate the products/specs for specific products.


6. How do retailers obtain wholesale prices?

Our website is catered to retail customers. For more information on wholesale pricing arrangements, please contact kevin@vivogolf.com. Generally, to qualify for wholesale pricing, you will need to operate a physical shop.